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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  February 1, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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linda has a comment on the end of the payroll. this is not an increase in taxes. people and employers have had a 2% break-in social security taxes for the last two years. this at a time when social security fund could not afford it. a financial gift to the already employed at the expense of social security. technically right, but in your bed you hated it. i love hearing from you. send me an e-mail. and you know what, two years in the making almost. the man behind the disasters solyndra alone is stepping down. energy secretary steven chu offering his resignation today. he was highly criticized for its handling of the $528 million loan to the solar panel maker, which later went bankrupt. despite the blunder he is leaving with obama's support and his pride intact. he said, came with streams and leaving with a set of accomplishments that we should all be proud of. not all of his dreams came true.
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back in 2008 he famously said we as a nation needed to boost gas prices to levels -- levels seen in europe. although he eventually walked back those comments, i say his departure could not come soon enough. $8 a gallon. that's my "2 cents more." that's it for tonight on "the willis report." thank you for joining as. do not forget to record airshow if you cannot catch us live. have a great weekend and a great night. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. the dow jones industrials tonight above 14,000 for the first time since october of 2007. it just 155 points from its all-time high. the s&p regaining the 1500 level, the labor department today reporting 157,000 jobs were created last month, almost 170,000 people, however, dropped
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out of the workforce, despite all of that. the national unemployment rate rose one-tenth of a percentage. it now stands at 7.9. eight and a half million people have dropped out of the work force since president obama took office. the developments overseas tonight. a suicide bomber attack. the u.s. embassy in turkey. killing one, injuring three others. the white house calling it an act of terrorism, the eighth attack on a u.s. embassy since hillary clinton was named secretary of state. coming on this, her less than the job. president obama to they retreated on the obamacare contraception mandate. the department of health and human services announcing that religiously affiiated organizations can opt out of the controversy and mandate, although the rule change applies only to religious nonprofits, prompting private sector entities with religious ties to say, not good enough,
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mr. president. and some racy super bowl ads starring super model and sports illustrated swimsuit get up. groups calling for higher standards for super bowl ads and their sponsors. we begin tonight with the unemployment rate at 7.9%. the white house looking to a brighter numbers, however, today including upper revisions in jobs created in both november and december, higher consumer spending and rising residential construction. fox news senior white house correspondent with our report. >> reporter: a ten of a point increase in the unemployment rate to 7.9%, the january jobs report was at least initially disappointing. the revised november and december figures mean we averaged two wondered thousand new jobs per month over the past three months, and those are numbers the white house is willing to stand behind. >> we created just over 2 million with the revisions,
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jobs in 2012. that means that we have been moving in the right direction when it comes to job creation. >> reporter: not moving fast enough for republicans like the house speaker who said in a written statement, more than 12 million americans are still unemployed and it has been that way for far too long. the speaker said the president should not have let his jobs council go out of business this week, though congress only approved a handful of its recommendations. some analysts say the private sector seems to be weatheri the country's fiscal uncertainty, but it is doing so nervously. >> we have massive deficits, a big tax increase hat no apparent willingness to get government off people's backs by reducing government spending, and all of that is a heavy, heavy weight on the private sector. firms around the nation are sitting on cash instead of creating jobs. >> reporter: on wednesday the commerce department announced economic growth actually fell to a-10% the last three months of last year, the chairman of the president's council of economic advisers says other indicators
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remain positive. >> consumer spending increased. business investment. residential construction. >> reporter: the jobs report showed a larger number of people dropped out of the labour force than down jobs. a former administration economist says some of that is to be expected. >> the population is aging, so we expect to have a fair number of people retiring every month for the next ten years or more as the baby boomers retire. >> reporter: the conference board reports a sharp increase in the number of older workers considering delaying retirement, which could make it more difficult for young people to get into the job market. unemployment for 18-29-year-old was 13%. african-americans more than 32%. over one half million young people were not counted because they have given up looking for a job. lou: thank you very much, and i love the way you set the record straight on the workforce and
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the role of the baby boomers and it. thank you so much. reporting from the white house. we will have much more on the day's economic news and the rally on wall street with moody's chief economist here in just moments. but international turmoil has created an uncertain future for u.s. interests abroad. secretary of state hillary clinton's last day in office marked by a deadly terrorist attack on the american embassy in turkey. fox news national correspondent jennifer griffin with our report. >> reporter: the 67 secretary of state has le the building, a packed stairwell for hillary clinton as she exited. her staff wind the state department of to say goodbye, many believing they will see her on the public stage again in 2016. >> i am very proud to have been secretary of state. i will miss you. i will probably be dialing up just to talk. >> reporter: with a cloud of benghazi hanging over her,
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secretary of state clinton's last day was marred by another attack on another us. embassy overseas, this time a suicide bomber in turkey at the gate on the perimeter of the embassy. an embassy that has been slated to be moved for security reasons. the state department today emphasized security at the embassy was reviewed in the wake of benghazi, which may have saved lives. >> the result of the way that was heartened that we only lost the one local security guard and, in fact, there were other security guards inside the building behind a glass who were only shaken up by this. >> reporter: turk -- turkish authorities say they have identified the attacker. the revolutionary people's liberation party front. however, u.s. officials say it is too early to determine who is responsible. u.s. intelligence sources have not ruled out the involvement of al qaeda or even an iranian proxy group angry at perceived u.s. involvement in syria.
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for domestic reasons they may not want it to appear that al qaeda is in turkey striking u.s. targets for fear that local turks will begin calling for the u.s. military personnel to leave. the first battery of the patriot missiles that the u.s. into turkey became operational on serious border today, and it is widely believed inside syria among some that the u.s. held the israelis started the convoy carrying missiles to 11 on that was bombed inside syria by israeli warplanes two days ago. she felt the press as too many questions about benghazi. she told the associated press in an exit interview that those who criticize the administration's handling of the benghazi attack, don't live in an evidence-paced world. lou: thank you very much. senator john kerry was sworn in this afternoon by supreme court justice elena kagan as the next secretary of state.
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the first time in more than 32 years that a clinton or bush has not been part of the white house a administration. will today's terrorist attack marks the eigh such attack on a u.s. diplomatic facilities since president obama took office in 2009. for more now on this attack, the president's foreign policy, i'm joined by pulitzer prize-winning journalist of fox news contributor, judith miller, fox news middle eastern terrorism analyst. let me begin with you. this attack on -- this sneak attack during the secretary's tenure is kind of an art of vice, but the reality is that we still have enemies who are pursuing their interests, even as we deny the force, the power, and the, if you will, the ubiquity of those forces. >> absolutely. i mean, the denial of the kind of need to continue the war and
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terror in this administration is really striking. hillary clinton wonders out, says farewell to her troops, takes a swipe at her critics and the chairman of the house foreign affairs committee has to point out, by the way, this calls for a sweeping review of the security of our diplomatic facilities, and she is never asked about it, does not have to respond to it. she is really amazingly adept at dodging hard questions. lou: adept, immune, inoculated, teflon, if you will. this secretary of state, despite the miles logged, almost a million as secretary of state, very simply, has she done a good job with bad policies? kashi been an effective secretarof state with good policies? what is your assessment? >> i think the secretary of state under the obama
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administration does not have foreign policy. it is the obama administration foreign policy. now if she does it well it is going to go wrong because the direction of the white house is going wrong anyway. she can be mediocre, otherwise she won't be a good secretary of state. the bottom line is looking at the facts. madam secretary saidthat there were many people in congress to criticize her who did not look at facts. i'm worried the demint -- administration is looking at facts. in libya did not realize they had militia that were enemies. that is the mother of all problems. lou: whether it is libya, ether it is afghanistan, the questions compound themselves, and now president obama makes it clear that we will have even as he is cutting budgets and talking about further cuts in the defense budget pursuing larger missions in, of all places, north africa. >> well, i think we need to prevent the spread of terrorism
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to north africa because as we learned in afghanistan. lou: it is too late. >> no pomade is not. lou: it is there. >> but you cannot prove it. it takes persistence and patience. that is what people wonder. lou: winning in afghanistan. within six months of our forces principally covert entering afghanistan in the wake of september 11th we one. >> right. it is what they do afterwards. >> but there has to be a difference. you have to draw a distinction between a counter-terrorism policy which this administration has in the counterinsurgency policy. that is preventing these people from getting land on which they can mount attacks. lou: your view on this? counterinsurgency, counter-terrorism, you know, frankly, i know i am being simplistic year and routed squarely in the way of simplistic outlook.
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the fact of the matter is, as an american, i am not interested in counter-terrorism, counterinsurgency. i am only interested in our interest and getting the hell out of the countryas soon as we possibly can without harm to as many of our troops as possible and ximum damage to the enemy. am i so old-fashioned in my outlook? >> wel that is what most americans want to see. they do not want to see our forces forever and not winning a war or not coming back victorious. that is the basic that unites most americans. the problem has been, our military would win, they won the surge in afghanistan and many other places. the policies that come after to manage that victory are usually the failures and sometimes disasters. in afghanistan we won on the ground and now we will be negotiating with the taliban and instead of in powering the afghani civil society. i could go on for not africa.
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lou: and judy miller is shaking her head. are you next going to say you endorse negotiating with terrorists? >> i don't, but on the other hand, they are there. lou: they do have that fundamental advantage in the negotiation. >> they are not going home, not waiting for the victory parade. they are there and you must deal with them. lou: or you have to eliminate them. >> or you have to eliminate them. lou: that was our option over two administrations, and we chose not to follow. >> i think it is impossible to eliminate all of them in a democracy like ours. lou: speaking of disasters, your quick reaction, if i may, to the confirmation of chuck hegel. >> it is simple. there isothing new here. this policy will be the policy of the administration and though he represented better than secretary clinton because he will try to engage the iranian without the iranian people. he will try to see how he can
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settle the issue in syria without bringing down the regime and on and on and on, so we will see the real obama policy under the secretary. >> said think everyone is stunned at how badly he did. he was even rehearsed for this and he still could not get the difference between containment and preventing iran from getting a nuclear weapon. lou: who ever rehearsed and in it -- is in a lot of trouble. thank you. we appreciated. >> thank you. lou: the white house and democratic leaders scoffed at the idea that we should put armed guards and our public schools to protect our students in the wake of the sandy hook massacre. the democrats and the liberal national media went so far as to attack what they call the absurd and dangerous idea of putting armed guards on duty near our children, until it became clear that one-third of our public schools are already doing that, and it is now clear that those critics did so solely because the man who proposed starting so strongly at schools one week after the sandy hook massacre is none other than the head of the
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national rifle association. after all the political drama and be a controversy, neither president obama nor the congress have contributed as much to advancing the safety of our public school students as the nra's. not only has the nra put for the most effective answer to securing the safety of verse children, the new count board of education has now sided with him and his proposal. the newtown board voted to put more armed police officers in the town's four elementary schools, army officers have been stationed at the school since last month's shooting at sandy hook elementary said. next year's budget only funded officers the middle and high schools. proposal now has the backing of a solid majority of americans as well. 8q research poll on the issue finds that most of us, 64 percent support armed guards in our school.
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only 32 percent opposed. is the president backtracking on the contraception mandate? what is the deal? fox news chief washington correspondent with our report. the market's explosive january rally extending into february. we will be talking with economist john lonski aout whether the economy is ready to follow the market. ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one, sven gets great rewards for his small business! how does this thing work? oh, i like it! [ garth ] sven's small business earns 2% cash back on every purche, everday! woo-hoo!!! so that's ten security gators, right? put them on my spark card! why settle for less? testing hot tar... great sinesses deserve great rewards! [ male announcer ] the spark business card from capital one.
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♪ lou: strong economic news today, and the dow jones industrials above 14,000 for the first time since december of 2007. moody's chief economist will be with us here in just moments. stocks today surging to the best
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level since 2007. able charges set off by an upbeat economic data. the dow up 149 points, nine points above the 14,000 level. the dow 155 points short of its all-time high. the s&p up 15, staying comfortably above the 1500 level , a five-year high at the same time. the nasdaq up 37 points. volume on the big board rising to a just under 4 billion shares. for the week of three stock indexes higher, and all up less than 1%. financial stocks helping to lead the rally. bankamerica topping the most-active list. the second most active, and ipo spinoff from pfizer, the animal help product company picked a good day to go public. at loser, facebook shares dropping in this powerful up market. tell me the most active list. the company close to, reportedly , going private in a deal led by its founder, michael
10:22 pm
dell and silverlake partners. participants include, so they are rumored to be involved at least, microsoft. exxon, earnings up today, a record 44 billion, almost 45 billion foall of last year. the profit, though, failing against taxes paid last year topping 102 billion. in the commodity market both gold and oil closing higher on the day and week the bond market, the treasury ten year rising. the highest yield since april of last year. 69 percent of the s&p 500 companies have now reported their earnings and exceeded expectations. it now looks like earning growth for the quater will be just under four and a half percent. a lot better than had been forecast at the beginning of earnings season, just under 2 percent was the consensus. joining us now with his outlook,
10:23 pm
chief economist at moody's capital markets. these are numbers, pretty impressive, surprising to the upside, 69%. if one did not know better home with think that those expectations have been managed somewhat. >> that game we're talking about , of 4% year-over-year increase by earnings has the power o propel the equity market to new highs, it seems to me somewhat incredible that we cannot forget how importance very low interest rates are to this rally. lou: certainly been bernanke is not forgetting and has persuaded apparently a few more of his friends on the fomc to come to his view, even though there are some holdouts. they want to start talking about raising rates. i think they're out of their minds. what do you think? >> the big spread will not be consumer price inflation, if they stay with low interest rates for too long. the big threat is going to be a
10:24 pm
financial asset price inflation of some sort, perhaps the equity market. that gets so overvalued that the equity market -- lou: overvalued. >> it's fairly valued now, but what is to stop the equity market from rising by another -- lou: you love the fact that bill gross and the other fellow over there, you know -- what is his name? kneele, whatever it is. they are tlking hoedown the equity market and the bond market. a fight in no better, c'mon. what a joke is that? >> the bond market is going to. lou: bond guys talking down the equity market. >> what do you expect? lou: that's why i don't understand, white people even cover the nonsense. >> ultimately the problem witt bonds would be the equity market keeps going higher, this starts to help the economy out. but obviously bond yields are
10:25 pm
going to be moving up to the two and a half-3% range. lou: we can put it another way. people are watching prices, going to watch the ball. and that's not helpful to them at all. >> not at all. but they want to keep believing that the latest rally by equities and the continuation of low borrowing costs will supply much support to the real economy. that is not necessarily going to be the case. lou: is there anyone out there including bill gross in the folks at tempo -- an interesting name. the idea that it would not be in everyone's benefit to see an appreciation of the equities market, the wealth, actually see some good things happen. i love these dollar bond guys. >> when it comes down to is that the entire point of extraordinary monetary accommodation by the fed is to drive interest rates lower so that equity prices moved higher so that people borrow and spend
10:26 pm
more at the ultimate cost to the bond market. lou: you mean to a -- bill gross and all the boys, grabbed the man's it will take your money and put it in equities. is that when bernanke tried to say? [laughter] how high does this stock market go? >> we are up 7%. i think their is a good chance by year's end we will be higher by at least 15%. there's more to comes in terms of this rally, especially if ben bernanke keeps that ten year treasury yield close to 2%. lou: as we continue to see unemployment rises, as it has been doing, up to 79 percent today, he is going to have to. >> still a lot of slack in the economy. don't be surprised if this high level of unemployment eventually put some downward pressure on wages and salaries. lou: well, you know, i is exasperating to think the president yesterday killed the jobs council.
10:27 pm
today we get 7.9 percent unemployment. we watched -- you know, we are watching people leave this labour force, looking a labor force participation. if this were the same level as when he walked into office will be looking at over ten and a half%. >> you can't look past. the ranks of the jobless are up by foreign half-million. number of jobs still off by over 3 million despite those upward revisions. lou: lord god give us some leaders in washington. thank you. >> appreciate it. lou: that brings us to your comments. on facebook, andre gave me your thoughts on the dow finally breaking 14,000. we would love to be able to invest, if i had a job. that is the point, i think, here for mr. obama, mr. bernanke. don't forget to go to and get the link to our facebook page, twitter, send us an e-mail,
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up next, the catholic church appears to win a battle with the white house over the contraception mandate. is it just appearances, backroom deal? it comes with a big catch. fox news chief washington correspondent cheat with our report. a number member of the presidential cabinet getting out of town. a lot of scrutiny, a lot of unanswered questions. a lot of people not liking the answers and the answers that have not been forthcoming. have not been forthcoming. we're coming right ba this is $100,000. have not been forthcoming. we're coming right ba we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money?
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♪ lou: is president obama backtracking, compromising, retreating? we will find out. the obama administration today announced it is easing its controversial contraception mandate that has triggered dozens upon dozens of lawsuits by those who say it violates their religious freedom. fox news chief london correspondent james rosenbaum with the changes and why some critics say they don't go nearly far enough.
10:32 pm
>> under the new rules proposed by health and human services secretary, a nonprofit religious employers will be able to opt out of the obamacare mandate for the provision of the mill contraceptives through their health care plan. instead, the insurers will be required to provide coverage, which include standard birth control and items like the morning after pill. the white house said the modifications the president obama's overarching goals. >> we had to ensure that women have access to preventive services like contraception and that the policy also respects religious beliefs. >> the catholic league hailed the announcement as a sign of goodwill to the catholic community, but because private sector firms with religious objections are not covered by the new proposals and because many insurance firms are apt to shift the of a sharp teeseven absorbed costs back to employers anyway, even if they are not for profit catholic schools, charities, work -- they dismiss it as window dressing. >> religious charities are not
10:33 pm
off the hook today. on the contrary, they are being forced to contract with a third-party testing provide objectionable products like abortion inducing drugs for employees. today's accommodation is simply another version of the old accounting gimmick. >> the administration said insurers will deduct the cost from the user fees that they paid to the federal government to take part in the insurance marketplace is or exchanges that are established by the obamacare law. an aide struggled to explain how that would not leave taxpayers footing the bill. >> we believe the cost of providing this coverage is not, as i mentioned before, -- overall reduces -- leads to reduce cost because preventive services provide coverage in a way that is more helpful for benefits. >> the eight also acknowledged. >> we have not estimated the
10:34 pm
cost. we certainly welcome comments on that as rviewers are reviewing it. >> the hhs mandate has sparked dozens of lawsuits. many b private sector companies opposed on religious grounds, among them the honey lobby which faces fines of more than a million dollars a day if it does not comply. expected the supreme court will eventually rule on these cases. in the meantime, new proposed rules will face 60 days of public comment and then likely become l this summer. lou: thank you so much. fox news chief washington correspondent. we will take up the contraception controversy. is it an accommodation or a compromise with "a-team" next. ♪ lou: secretary of state clinton exits as another embassy is attack on rr watch. the clinton has a few choice words for critics. the "a-team" is next. energy secretary stephen shoot
10:35 pm
once called for higher gasoline prices. he boosted solyndra. now he is just gone. the gun-control debate takes another twist. the families of sandy hook elementary victims are siding with the national rifle association. fox news digital politics eitor chris sty walled in weekly standard senior editor stephen hays join us next.
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♪ lou: gun-control topping the president's agenda as he travels to minneapolis monday where he will push for stricter gun control. senator dick durbin announcing today you will chair a hearing on gun violence in the second amendment. joining us now, fox news digital politics editor, a senior writer for the weekly standard and fox news contributor. well, let me begin, if i may, which you.
10:39 pm
the president presses on with gun-control, despite what seems to be a determined house, determined opposition, and an nra that has just picked up in alignment with the sandy hook elementary school that wants armed guards, which is his proposal, in their schools. is he on the wrong side of history here? >> let me add one more thing to that, and it is the american people. despite what we have seen in some recent polls, of the uptick of people who say that they're willing to entertain the idea of additional restrictions on gun ownership or the kinds of guns, basically you have a long history of the american people being on this side of gun owners, lawful gun owners, not to mention the constitution, so i think the president has a difficult case to make in the face of our history, in the face of contemporary politics and particularly in the face of democrats in the senate who are not eager to do the kinds of things that the president wants them to do on gun-control.
10:40 pm
lou: and, gun control, as some many, particularly democrats have learned, it is not to their profit to pursue. secondly, this president, is he basically replicate -- replicating george w. bush's behavior after his election to his second term instead of private accounts for social security, gun-control, the presidents, if you will, private accounts for social security? >> well, to be fair and kind to former president bush who lost his dog today, and we are sad for him. a good dog. and so we want -- lou: you're not going to ask us to hold a moment of silence, are you? >> no, but he was a good-looking dog and a good dog in the bit that one guy. lou: not all bad, that dog. >> quite so. here is the thing. george w. bush.
10:41 pm
lou: i have to say, you bring a level to this broadcast we just cannot otherwise emulate in any way. i mean, we try, without you just as not happen. >> quite so. the thing is, he knew that he probably was not going to get social security changed. he floated it. it was something he gave to his base. he tried for a minute. it went away. it went away. he shrugged his shoulders and move on. for president obama this is something different. this is something altogether different, but i would say this, the american people are generally -- lou: you will say this eventually. >> eventually, quite. after i talk about the dog again. the truth is, the american people are smarter than their politicians and politics and know that the problem that we have, this epidemic of mass shootings, random mass shootings is not just about guns but a sick society, a sick culture, fatherlessness and broken this in all this other stuff that cannot be fixed.
10:42 pm
there is no panacea answer to this command that is white as the president drags this out through, as steve accurately described, a senate that will not be eager to embrace and control the further we get away daughter will be for democrats to push. lou: and the other initiative on the part of the president that he has made a priority, of course, back with comprehensive immigration reform. is there the appetite for this? standing tall as the leading conservative in the gain of eight. but what is the appetite in the senate for comprehensive immigration reform as has been outlined? >> a gross oversimplification of the state of play here in washington. but i think there are basically three groups. there are people who say, look at where we are today. no matter what what we must avoid is being in this position again. we cannot have 12 million or however many illegal immigrants
10:43 pm
here in the united states. we have to do everything we can to prevent an eventuality. then you have a second group, more bipartisan, and they say we have to deal with what is in front of us, but we should do what we can to avoid being here again, and then you have a third group, and i think the president is, in fact, the head of this group with they don't really care if we end up here in five years or ten years. basically they want to get past what we are dealing with in front of us immediately and make it easier for people to come here, both lally and illegally. it may not be their intention for people to come here illegally, but they are not bothered by that in the way that i think people in the first two groups are. lou: i am going to give you the award tonight for eventually -- wrap it all up, but you exceeded our recognized possibilities of that tonight. we are delighted that you were booked here to do so.
10:44 pm
>> did not talk about barney. [laughter] >> a good-looking dog. that's all i can say. lou: i think we're going to have to conclude there, and i cannot tell you the mixed emotions i feel as we do. thank you both for being here. [laughter] lou: up next, senator of louisiana, adamantly opposing the immigration plan of fellow republican. former aig chairman and ceo will be here to talk about bailouts and capitalism, the future of both. charles schwab chief investment strategist joining us next week. please be with us. go to to get the links to our facebook page, twitter, or send us an e-mail. up next, hillary clinton and opening up on benghazi and her critics as well. we're coming right ♪
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cover the super bowl we're doing it right here. some controversy over what whether these ads are just a bit too racy. some people say the latest data is just simply too hot for television. it shows supermodel -- which one is which? kissing a geek for a passionate eight seconds. astounding. the couple, by the way, did 65 takes to get that just right. i'm guessing. well, i better not guess. the ad featuring supermodel kate upton, where you think she is going to the wash and new mercedes-benz but instead have a high-school football team do it forever. in slow-motion with short shorts and very low tank top. insisting that the advertisers and the super bowl itself raise their standards.
10:49 pm
joining us now, the 18. i cannot tell you how i suspect that most of the ads could be of a more elevated nature and that much of america is very upset with the networks and the nfl for such, well, just that kind of thing as we have just shown the audience of this broadcast. >> the whole thing is silly. you watch football game, prime-time television. you see around this as all the time for movie trailers, a video games. much more harmful for children because they portray gratuitous violence. lou: okay. >> i don't find the ads -- [talking over each other]
10:50 pm
[laughter] >> i don't find them racy, but i don't find them to be really good. an ad that will make me laugh or excited or elicit some crazy motion. this makes me board. can't they be more creative? >> with the daudet the ad, this was more the clean version that they had really more of a sexy type tiff that showed more than lip. >> they're putting it on the website. lou: said on know where we are in this country. i have to say that fellow there, i don't know what is acting aspirations were, but he may have just exceed. >> they said he was a great kisser. >> ton of stuff. he's making more money and having a better time. lou: i would have to up -- my
10:51 pm
wife is watching. he can be having more fun than i am. would you like to weigh in? >> this is one of the reasons i was also enthusiastic about the super bowl. i would rather have to be more about football. lou: you're oviously not in the spirits. we're going to come right back and take up gun-control, comprehensive immigration reform . we are going to take up, i suppose, one or two things about -- well, hillary clinton that you may not have known but perhaps found out tonight. we're coming right back with the this happy couple used capital one venture miles for their "destination wedding." double miles you can "actually" use. but with those single mile travel cards... [ bridesmaid ] blacked out... but i'm a bridesmaid. oh! "x" marks the spot she'll never sit. but i bought a dress! a toast... the capital one venture card. fly any airline, any flight, anytime. double miles you can actually use.
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♪ lou: back with the "a-team." unemployment up at 7.9%.
10:55 pm
telling us what a wonderful world it is despite the fact that we have as many as 23 million people unemployed, underemployed, or out of work. how much -- how does this administration get away with that? >> because they are spending the message. we are talking about the national unemployment rate. in that black community is double, the hispanic community double, and people in the minority community overwhelmingly voted for this president. lou: how does he get away with it. how does the democrats get away with give us the magic elixir that you guys concocted? >> i think voters understand, number one, that it was dull the really bad hand. number two, he is doing the best job that anybody can in the situation. sure. most importantly, number three, it is headed in the right direction. look at what is happening and what has been happening for the last 15-18 months. the private sector is creating jobs at a terrific clip.
10:56 pm
lou: excuse me, say that again. say that again. >> the private sector is creating jobs -- lou: you were doing really good until you said that. you were doing really good until you said that. you lost eight and a half million people in the workforce. 5 million jobs have disappeared. i mean, we are -- you can say lots of things. >> the private sector is creating jobs at a good pace. the public-sector -- lou: it would be a good pace if we had more jobs. [talking over each other] >> it is exactly what should be happening. [laughter] lou: i guess happy days are here again. after eight. lou: eight and a half million people not in the work force. >> not to mention how much money was pumped into the economy in the name of stimulus. we were supposed to be lifted out of this. this is our hard-earned taxpayer dollars. after eight. [talking over each other]
10:57 pm
>> part-time workers who want to be full-time workers. even higher. close to 11 percent if you look at the rate. it is embarrassing for the administration. >> is president believes we can spend our way -- >> this is why we won. lou: i am going to just interject. for secretary clinton's benefit, i am going to introduce an empirically based reality. 144%, and the fact of the matter is the administration, you can argue they have done a great job in the face of withering nonce, but the reality is they have done a lousy job. you have to add a withering knots or does not make any sense. the unemployment rate today creates the worst performance for any american economy three and half years after the onset of a recovery in our history but those are empirically based things that only secretary of state clinton would be interested in, i'd understand. she is leaving washington, so washington will have to deal
10:58 pm
with other facts. at least not soon. >> secretary -- she is the secretaryry of state. she doesn't have anything to do with economic policy. lou: neither did timothy dagen for crying out loud. [laughter] lou: thank you, guys. i figured. angela, thanks you so much. have a great super bowl weekend. make your teams win. everyone's team win. that's it for us tonight. have a great weekend.
10:59 pm


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